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PST Path of Remembrance and Comradeship

Path of Remembrance and Comradeship (PST ) is 32.5 km long route around Ljubljana. It leads us along the route of barbed wire, which had restricted city between World War II ( between 1942 and 1945). To avoid busy road to get to our starting point, we suggest a path which is just a bit longer, but it rewards you with a peaceful street and fantastic surroundings. From Hotel Stil turn right and after 200 m turn right again. After 150 meters turn right and continue straight past village Dobrunje. After 2 kilometers continue at main road and you will reach village Biziovik. At next crossroad turn right and after 200 meters turn left. Continue along the beautiful landscape on the right and woods on the left side.  At the middle of this road you will see PST macadam path and promenade on left and right.  If you continue left you will go over the hill Golovec ( where you will reach highest point of your route ), the Ljubljana Marshes, through urban areas Galjevica , Murgle, Mestni log, Vič, around the hill Rožnik through Koseze, Šiška, Bežigrad, through Žale cemetery, between the residential blocks in Nove Jarše  along the Ljubljana ring road to the river Ljubljanica past Fužine castle and you will reach your starting point.


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