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Hotel Stil - Lipoglav - Pance

Pance is a small village between Ljubljana and Grosuplje. Distance from Hotel Stil to Pance is around 10 kilometers. The tour from Hotel on Pance is quite easy, just last 5 kilometers road climbs, but except in two places slope is not too tough. From Hotel Stil turn right and after 200 m, at first crossroad turn right. Then we continue straight pass the church and villages Sadinja vas and Podlipoglav. In Podlipoglav road goes two more kilometers on the flat and then begins to climb slightly. From crossroad for Javor, where the road goes left for Javor you have to turn right. Continue along the stream and past the abandoned quarry, where the road is the steepest. When the forest for a moment disappear, on the left you will already see Pance. At the bus station, turn left, and you will arrive at the small restaurant.



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